Script & Shot breakdown

Meeting before shooting to create or correct the script and the technical breakdown.

Preparation & Storyboard

Visiting filming locations, key shooting and storyboard design.


Shooting alone or with a film crew
(I can take care of recruitment).


Video editing (logging, sound-design, colorimetry and visual effect).

Thumbnails for network publishing of the video

Renders in (h264-265) .mp4 and .mov formats


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Around the Place d'Armes (375 Montréal)

fortuite (model)

Interview with Noa (Webedia, Noa

Interview with Noa part 2 (Webedia, Noa 

Sérigraphie Fondation Vasarely

Clip 2022 (Restaurant LeMisto

Pub fortuite (2021)

Interview with Noa (Webedia, Noa

Noa presentation ( Meetfluencer

Les Saisonnier du Misto Part 1/3 (Restaurant LeMisto

Interview with Noa part 2 (Webedia, Noa 

A Photographer on the Ring (Interview: Robert Levesque

Les Salons Remarquable du Goût (Teaser 2022)

Shimmy Sunshine déconfiné (CocoSwing)

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The Time of Contempt (Teaser Gn Witcher)

NinjAH (projet d’étude)

Rouge (projet d’étude)

Nina Richou ( Atelier Le Repaire, Fanzine#3 )

BlingBling ( Atelier Le Repaire, Fanzine#3 )

Beer World PARIS edition (MDB)

Rendez-vous de la couleur (Okhra)

Live for Colors Youtube Channel School Project


Frequently Asked Questions

In the studio, outdoors or on location, I can meet most video needs.

Advertising TV, cinema, web, drone capture .. 

If your need is not mentioned, ask me by message, I could redirect you.

Video has never been more important than it is today with the arrival of Tiktok, the Instagram update promoting video content and smartphones racing for the best lenses.


  • 80% of customers watch a video before making an online purchase for reassurance.
  • Companies that use the video format regularly have a 41% increase in site traffic.

You are missing a great opportunity to build your brand image and sales volume.

Reasons to use video as a communication tool: 

  • Engagement engine for Internet users.
  • Simplifies the understanding of your business.
  • Preferred to text because faster and more fun to consume.
  • Increase your visibility thanks to the algorithm of most networks.
  • Strengthens your brand image and standing

I always plan time in advance to analyze your need and the type of video that suits you.

It all depends on the type of request but a typical pattern returns:

  • Meeting, Script & Technical Breakout: to better define your needs and expectations, to see together the desired goal and the best solutions to put in place. Write the dialogues, the rhythm, the different shots. (Sometimes I will redirect you to another professional because his answer will seem more appropriate to me.
    The goal is above all to satisfy you. (2h-1d)
  • Preparation & Storyboard: Visit shooting locations, key shots and storyboard design with shot values and shooting plan
    (dates and times). (2d)
  • Production: Shooting alone or with a film crew (I can take care of recruitment). (1-2d)
  • Post-Production: Logging, footage copy, video editing, visual effects, graphic design, colorimetry, synchronization, sound mixing, music, intro-outro (2-4d)
  • Renderings: Thumbnail, review and video export (several formats if several distribution platforms and the first corrections offered. Formats (h264-265) .mp4 and .mov

I work with a professional Sony fleet:

  • Sony A7III / Sony a6500 (x2)
  • 70-200mm f4 / 28-75mm f2.8
  • 15mm f1.8 / 16-70mm f4

Other useful materials for my services:

  • Camera stabilizer
  • A Mavic Mini drone
  • high performance PC
  • Microphones for any type of service.

My prices are set per half day and per hour for revisions. My hourly rate changes according to the type of service, because the equipment and the level of expertise used is not the same.

I charge 30% of the service initially (after the interview phase).

I can make an estimate in less than 24 hours,
for this contact me.

Feel free to tell me your location by message. If you're too far away, I might redirect you.

I work year round between Montreal and Marseille, I also have to go to Switzerland from time to time.

I'm comfortable with the idea of getting around, travelling is of course included in the bill.

I subtract or contract work partners for certain missions if the request requires it.

Videos for networks last between 1-10min. According to the request, the budget and the targeted social network.

There is therefore no predetermined duration, but counted 1 day of additional editing for every 5 minutes.

The post-production phase lasts between 2 and 4 days, but I don't work directly on it after shooting. So count 1 to 2 weeks for the rendering, which is obviously negotiable.

Yes and no..

Of course, you can use the video as it is without modification, anywhere and for life. In the case of modification, the name of the site or service provider must appear. I reserve the right to use part of the content on

Example: “Images by”

With a financial proposal for the cession of rights, you can have all the rights to the images (as well as the files before editing).

I keep all edited and unedited videos for at least 2 years. So I can send them back to you, just contact me.

Yes but I am not certified so that prevents me from using it in certain places.

I have a Mavic mini drone, which can create pro images without exceeding the weight of European standards.

My price is therefore below the market price for this type of service, which can be included in another broader video service (interview, promos, etc.)

Yes, I even include it in my packages.

I can leave the editing part to you, and deliver the raw files to you after payment. The name “images by:” must still appear in your video description, unless you pay for a cession of rights.

Details of these rights can be negotiated by message.

I took courses in television and film production at the Institut Grasset in Montréal >and a Master in Graphic and Digital Design (2D animation and motion design).

So I have been working in the image world for several years now.
Feel free to contact me.


You can ask me for a quote or questions that I have not answered here.
I respond in less than 24 hours.