Brief / Charter

Meeting before the shoot to target demand and create a moodboard


Shooting alone or with a film crew


The photos are processed from a RAW
Renderings are in .jpeg format


Publication schedule if the request aims to publicize or sell.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the studio, outdoors or on location, I can meet most photo needs.

Book, Culinary Photography, Packshot, Advertising, Events, Portrait, Photomontage, 360° Tour .. 

If your need is not mentioned, ask me by message, I could redirect you.

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text: 90% of the information transmitted to it is visual.

Images make it easier for our brains to take in a lot more information.

Images bring out emotions, they have the power to connect us with past experiences, they are part of what brings us together through "the collective imagination".

From a marketing perspective: An emotional appeal increases the chances of recall.

It is therefore essential in order to increase engagement on a page, to publish photos and videos that target our target.

These rules apply equally in the professional and personal world

It all depends on the type of request but a typical pattern returns:

  • Meeting or Visio: to better define your needs and expectations, to see together the desired goal and the best solutions to put in place. (Sometimes I will redirect you to another professional because his response will seem more appropriate to your needs. The goal is above all to satisfy you. (1-3h)
  • The inventory: when it comes to an event photo shoot, to plan the placements, the light, and avoid any disappointment on D-Day. (1-2h )
  • Photo shoot: professional and discreet during events. Guide and listening during studio recording. (1-2d)
  • Photo selection and retouching (2-4d)
  • Revision and Submission of photos (1 week after shooting)

I keep all retouched and unretouched photos for at least 2 years. So I can send them back to you, just contact me.

Feel free to tell me your location by message. If you're too far away, I might redirect you.

I work year round between Montreal and Marseille, I also have to go to Switzerland from time to time.

I'm comfortable with the idea of getting around, travelling is of course included in the bill.

Yes, I can also deliver the non-edited version in high quality jpeg (about 15 MB), although I edit in Raw.
It does not affect the price.

For 1/2 day of shooting count 1 to 2 days for delivery.

You will receive the retouched photos in high quality .jpeg format without copyright.

You have the right to reproduce, print and publish, which does not represent an assignment of image rights, nor a author.

Except for an agreement prior to the photo taking, I reserve the right to use part of the images produced for my communication.


You can ask me for a quote or questions that I have not answered here.
I respond in less than 24 hours.