Visual Identity

Your image deserves attention!
Most of the graphic needs do not correspond to one of the packs (fixed price).

Pack 1

Logo creation

Option and printing not included*

  • Graphic research
  • Sketch
  • 3 Logo Proposal
  • Refinement and variation of a proposal
  • rendering: Logo B/W version, color, transparent background: .png, .jpeg, .svg. in – 48h

*Ideal for individuals or young professionals who need to quickly create a logo at a low price.

Pack 2

Visual identity

Option and printing not included*

  • Pack 1 (logo)
  • Business Cards
  • Graphic charter (color, typography)
  • 4 other graphic supports to choose from
  • rendering: separate files + graphic charter (1 page)

*Ideal for small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs needing a graphic charter at a low price.

Pack 3

Brandbook for Business Plan

Option and printing not included*

  • pack 1 & 2
  • iconography
  • Mockup studio shooting (unique mockups).
  • rendering: separate files + brand book about 10 pages (fr/en).
*Ideal for start-ups needing to quickly create
a brandbook to enrich
their business plan, professional image with banks and investors.

*Additional option: com web, support supp .. Ask for a quote.


Visio or visit your company to better understand your brand vision.


3 tracks per realization, so that you can best guide the aesthetics, and make it your own.


Multi-format renderings. 1 revision offered for each service.

*Additional option ask a quote.


Beer World PARIS edition (MDB)

Rendez-vous de la couleur (Okhra)

Live for Colors Youtube Channel School Project


Frequently Asked Questions

Graphics service:

  • Web Redesign
  • Logo / Brand book
  • Business Cards
  • Print / Poster / Flyers / Display
  • Motion Design / Intro
  • Website

X Packaging

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text: 90% of the information transmitted to it is visual.

Images make it easier for our brains to take in a lot more information.

Images bring out emotions, they have the power to connect us with past experiences, they are part of what brings us together through "the collective imagination".

From a marketing perspective: An emotional appeal increases the chances of recall.

It is therefore essential in order to increase engagement to have a logo that can explain your work and (or) your vision on its own.

A logo that can stand the test of time, and help visitors remember you.

It all depends on the type of request but a typical pattern returns:

  • Meeting or Visio: to better define your needs and expectations, to see together the desired goal and the best solutions to put in place. (Sometimes I will redirect you to another professional because his response will seem more appropriate to your needs. The goal is above all to satisfy you. (1-3h)
  • Creation: Always several leads, with follow-up offered throughout the performance. Listening is essential.
  • Review and Submission of files.

My prices are set at the half-day and at the hourly rate when the need requires less than 2 hours. My hourly rate changes according to the type of service, because the equipment and the level of expertise used is not the same.

I charge 30% of the service initially (after the interview phase).

I can make an estimate in less than 24 hours,
for this contact me.

I subtract or contract work partners for certain missions if the request requires it. For example if you want services including both web and graphics.

Yes! I took courses in digital and printed graphics from high school (STD2A baccalaureate) I then completed a BTS and then Master's studies in graphic design at the ESDAC school in Aix en Provence and Marseille.
So I have been working in the image world for several years now. Feel free to contact me.

I keep all work and final files for at least 2 years. So I can send them back to you, just contact me.


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