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I am Jean-Sébastien, I live between Marseille and Montreal. As a child, I often made my mother scream and let the food get cold, being too busy creating videos on Youtube.

At 19 I left to study video in Montreal, the city of cinema!
“Voluntarily undecided”, I cannot bring myself to a single medium. So I decided to broaden my skills by studying photography and graphic design.

Today I suggest you create your multimedia communications!
Your design will be modern, homogeneous and timeless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Photo service:

  • Studio Photo
  • Outdoor / Studio Portrait Photography
  • Food Photo / Catering
  • Company Photo
  • Publicity Photo
  • Real estate photography
  • 360° visit
  • Wedding Photography

Video department:

  • TV commercial / Cinema
  • Music Video
  • Drone
  • Interview
  • Web capsule / Youtube
  • Corporate Video
  • Retrospective Events
  • wedding clips 

X Film

Webdesign service:

  • Strategy and Deployment Consulting UX-UI Design
  • One page / Showcase website
  • Portfolio
  • E-Commerce
  • Institutional website
  • Blog
  • WordPress Maintenance

X Forum

Graphics service:

  • Web Redesign
  • Logo / Brand book
  • Business Cards
  • Print / Poster / Flyers / Display
  • Motion Design / Intro

X Packaging

Service Audio:

  • Soundtrack Corporative
  • Audio Mixing / Spatialization / Voice Correction / Sound fx
  • Voice over (French / English)
  • Audio Accompaniment for Video

X Music production

Whatever its size, the external communication of a company plays an important role for its image and its notoriety and yet, many companies limit their communication to the strict minimum, whether for lack of means or time.

External communication is the set of actions implemented for its external audiences (consumers and buyers, journalists, consumer defense associations, distributors, customers, suppliers, banking and financial circles, shareholders, public authorities, etc.).

It is essentially based on visual communication, public relations and the organization of events.

For the company, the objectives of external communication are essentially to make itself known, to build a strong identity and to differentiate itself from the competition.

The external communication strategy

This strategy is based on key points
– Analyzing your situation and establishing a diagnosis, in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the company.
– Choose a positioning in order to stand the company out of the lot in the face of an increasingly competitive world.
– Determine its objectives in order to guide the company's strategy and determine the most appropriate means of communication. The objectives can be of notoriety, behavior or image.
– Determine your targets
– Define a message that must be in line with the targets and the objectives.
– Choose means of communication that will depend on the messages, targets and objectives.

La communication 360°, ou communication à 360 degrés, désigne le principe d’une communication qui mobilise plusieurs outils de communication média (Télévision, Radio, Affichage, Internet, Cinéma, Presse,..),hors médias (événementiel, marketing opérationnel, mobile, relations presse, promotion par l’objet, street marketing, partenariats, sponsoring, le placement produit, le BAO …) et média tactiques (nouveaux supports publicitaires).

This is a global approach to communication requiring knowledge of all the tools and an ability to find a complementarity of these tools in time and space in order to achieve the desired objectives.

I work with a professional Sony fleet:

  • Sony A7III (x1) / Sony a6500 (x2)
  • 70-200mm f4 / 28-75mm f2.8
  • 15mm f1.8 / 16-70mm f4

Autres matériaux utile pour mes prestations:

  • Camera stabilizer
  • Drone Mavic Mini
  • PC haute performance
  • Microphones for any type of service.

N’hésitez pas à me dire votre localisation par message. Si vous êtes trop éloigné , je pourrais vous rediriger.

I work year round between Montreal and Marseille, I also have to go to Switzerland from time to time.

Je suis à l’aise avec l’idée de me déplacer, les déplacements sont bien sûre pris en compte dans la facture.

Not at the moment but I am thinking of putting one in place during 2024

I subtract or contract work partners for certain missions if the request requires it.

I always ask for 30% deposit for my services. If the mission is canceled after start, I keep 30%, if canceled before start, I only keep 15% + any costs already paid (transport and consumables) and refund the remaining 15% within 14 days.

My prices are set per half day and per hour for revisions. My hourly rate changes according to the type of service, because the equipment and the level of expertise used is not the same.

I charge 30% of the service initially (after the interview phase).

I can make an estimate in less than 24 hours,
for this contact me.




Graphic Design




Graphic Design



You can ask me for a quote or questions that I have not answered here.
I respond in less than 24 hours.